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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hours Alone in Naga City, Cebu

I couldn’t muster the laziness that clouded my afternoon that Sunday. Boredom equates to laziness, that I know is a petty excuse of seizing the day at a stall, calling it a boring one. I had to revert it into a productive day and thought I had to do something that was far removed from all the serious stuff. I have to go someplace, I told myself. Despite the sun being at its peak, I went out and headed down south where I live.

I rode a jeepney to Naga City. When non-Cebu people hear about it, they often mistake it as that one in Bicol. Founded on June 12, 1829 by the Spaniards, it is now a young city, granted the cityhood status in 2007 or more so restored back in 2009. In 2008, the conversion was deemed unconstitutional by reason of not meeting the requirements for cityhood. To the joy of its people, the city proved itself as rightful of its title. As the city grows more well-known, competing globally, I guess they have to consider changing it to a different name to cut the confusion, that way distinguishing itself as a distinct city in Cebu, just a thought.

First time all alone to Naga, I paid 10 pesos, assuming it would cost me less than that. To my surprise, the fare was actually 14 pesos. The jeep conductor was telling me, to near swearing, why in the world would I forget it, as if implying I did any wrong or had bad intentions.

After 30 minutes of travel with the imposing summer air, I dropped by the city’s celebrated Catholic church, the Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi. It was built in 1939 and remains a popular landmark.

On October 10, 2007, Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal declared and named the once Parish Church of St. Francis of Assisi into its present name. Upon entrance, I noticed the beautiful fa├žade with cherubs playing (or holding) musical instruments and sun rays coming out from Jesus with words below Him, creaturae praedicate evangelicum. I had to translate them to English that by the way literally mean, creature preaching the gospel (thanks to It is evident, though , that it was renovated into a modern-looking version of the old church. The belfry itself is a new installment built in 1970s.

Right across the church are another of the city’s landmarks: the Naga City Hall, the Bonifacio Park, and the beautiful Naga Baywalk. I’ve heard so much about the Baywalk, which is good for strolling, catching some fresh air, and food tripping. I saw couples lined up along the strip that day. How much fun can there be when lamp posts get lit?

It was indeed so hot that day I had to grab some shade by the side of the tennis court and read a good book.