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Thursday, October 15, 2009

To Be Aware is To Live

While many paid attention to the call, still more turned a deaf ear.

This day, the 15th of October is Blog Action Day, where bloggers all around the world unite in attacking one issue that is relevant to the global status quo. The world's most pressing concern, at least today, is climate change.

Everyone should be reminded that the worst is gradually showing its might. What happened to the greater part of Luzon, the Philippines recently is a true testament to nature's wrath. Floods, landslides, abnormal average weather, increasing global temperature, glaciers melting, etc. -- these -- are but aftermaths of an environment deteriorating, if not giving up. I am a non-expert on this matter to be honest. Scientists are debating on the real cause/s of climate change.

The simplest I can do, perhaps, is to accept the fact that the world is changing and that climate change is a serious problem. Everyone should care for the world. It just needs some loving. Some can still probably laugh at the thought of human annihilation, the next Atlantis, the next Great Flood, or a typical chaos in a movie, but shrugging the possibility is just insanely a gesture of ignoramuses.

In any way we can, we should help find its cause/s and take radical and immediate action for the environment before the worst nears in our midst. That way, we control climate change and we choose to live better.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people behind the Philippine Blog Awards for the recognition as a national finalist for Best Personal Blog! Being a finalist is more than reason enough why blogging should be part of my lifestyle.

I have been blogging before "blogging" was really even called as such. It was in 2000 (hmm, 4th year high school makes me a bit old). Then officially a Blogspot writer in 2003. Blogging, however, was an on and off activity. Then, in early 2009, came Brief Stories because of a friend's encouragement (I say thanks to you). I'm enjoying it now, and I promise to squeeze blogging in between work (I know) and my affairs with the outside world.

Also, to my readers and to those who voted on Flippish for the Viewer's Choice Award, I have to manage thank-you letters sent to you.

So, this is definitely a good start!