Monday, April 13, 2009

Life's Compromises

During a recent visit to our house, my auntie showed us graduation pictures of her son, my 6-year-old cousin who's very comfortable with technology (as if kids nowadays are not!). He graduated from kindergarten last March and is extremely excited about his coming primary education. One of the pictures, was him holding up a microphone on stage. It was part of the program where each young graduate had to introduce himself including his dream/s.

He was sporting a policeman look. The thing is, he really wanted to be an engineer someday but turned out he had to be a policeman because he couldn't think of any way to phrase the right reasons why and acting out the policeman role came easy for him. Maintaining peace and order, call it commonplace! Besides that, he's already complete with costume beforehand.

I was smiling and drifted effortlessly to my little dream when I was about his age. Life has been kind to me ever since, I realized.


  1. @peenkfrik: I am convinced I have just written a parable. ;)

  2. Greeting And U and family I hope U & family Goodless.... greetings and hug from heryrhey

  3. @Heryrhey: Thanks! May God bless you and your family! ;)

  4. Good fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.