Saturday, February 13, 2010

Against Noise

Forever you may be a fan of the stillness that radiates from the collective fixations around you. If time were to be spread too thinly so to accommodate both the good and the bad, then life would never be short of things you didn’t want to hear, invading your space. An agreeable thought plays joyously at the expense of your comfort, then all of a sudden an unknown entity is storming your way to disintegrate you into broken bits of glass and wish painfully to postpone or to cut down the ominous thread down to your line. The fortress that you built is unguarded, you realize. The place easily becomes hell, as if a perpetual noise pushing doors unlocked, and the options become a useless part of a right or a wrong. Nothing matters anymore, only those that noise is bound to accomplish.

You beg to flee from this seeming impossibility. You beg for a miracle to happen in haste out of your faith. You beg for the cessation of this doom that is but...NOISE.

It is hard. You are literally shutting yourself out to perceived noise, which leads you to subconsciously fall prey to your own system. You are becoming a deaf.


  1. Very deep thoughts Joemill. I'm still digging and trying to digest.

  2. Galing. :) Very profound. Sana ganyan din ako ka-galing magsulat sa English. :)

    Keep it up!

  3. love reading your blog... Keep it up! God bless you... =)

  4. thank you so much everyone! i love imagery! :)

  5. Ang lalim! I'm still decoding the words. :)) It's always been a frustration of mine to be able to express my thoughts in words as great as yours. Naks!

    P.S. Did you literally mean that you're becoming a deaf? Or was it just a metaphor?

  6. @deishi: naks! he he. just read and write a lot and love it when the flow comes. :)

    i'm afraid i'm becoming a deaf, slowly. scared but i'm fighting. :(