Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bridges of Leyte

Leyte is home of not only that famed bridge called San Juanico Bridge, but of bridges whose number can be so easily noticed, recurring every 5 minutes of your time on a road trip. These bridges over rivers link cities and towns of this very mountainous province.

The last time, which was last year, I traveled by bus in Leyte. I made it a point to capture its bridges along the way. I have seen and often forgotten they exist for the many times I've visited the province maybe because land trips could be so tiring, and I mind too much gathering energy for the next stop. But it changed last year. I did capture about 20 bridges or anything close to that, I couldn't be too sure.


  1. Love nako ang Leyte! Hahaha...

  2. This is something that I only read in textbooks and yup, they were also mentioned by my teachers in Grade School. I would definitely want to see this place one time and like you, I'll make sure that I capture it in my cam ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  3. Nice collage! San mo ginawa yan? Hehe : D

  4. Hi, Joemill!

    Ganda ng collage mo. I love all your pictures. I've been to Leyte but only in Ormoc and Baybay. I miss the places already. I have lots of relatives in those places I have mentioned and planning to visit them one day.

    Sorry for the late visit. It is school holiday here and can't stay longer in the computer for the kids are at home. anyways, wish you a Happy Easter.

  5. bawal pa rin bang magpapicture sa san juanico bridge?
    i remember stopping sa kalagitnaan ng tulay para magpalitrato
    bawal pala

  6. really raft3r? bawal? siguro prone to accidents. anyway, joemill, when you get the chance, sana you can take pics from the side of the river next time to see the bridge itself from that angle.

  7. thanks everyone!

    @Raft3r: Never been to San Juanico bridge but hopefully this May. :)

    @Random: Most of these pix were taken while I was on a bus. So it was hard getting the best angle. :)

  8. This post reminds me of the movie "Bridges of Madison Country."

    BTW, I'm never been to San Juanico bridge. I am hoping to cross that bridge someday. :)

  9. Yeah, I remember you mentioned that before. Never been there either. This May I hope! :)