Sunday, April 25, 2010

Remind Me to Pray

A personal imperative to touch ground and to recall the day for what it's worth

Image: Saint Joseph Parish Church, Matalom, Leyte, Philippines


  1. It's a powerful and compelling image. Nice!

  2. is that a chapel? very peaceful tingnan :)

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  3. Yes, i agree it is a powerful image. Great shot!

  4. @rjs mama: It's actually a small section at the front side of a church. Not sure how to name this area. But definitely, not a chapel. :)

  5. @eden: I thought these kids looked awesome, so I did the shoot. Thanks! :)

  6. This is a great picture. Is this a chapel? Also, thanks for the visit :)

    Ria C
    It's My Party
    Handmade with Love

  7. @Ria: It's actually part of a church. Please see my reply to rjs mama. Thanks! :)

  8. love the title. we need to be reminded to communicate with God once in a while lest we forget and until it becomes natural to us.

  9. @Random Student: Sometimes the circumstances and the realities overwhelm us disregarding unconsciously the more important things. Thanks for the thought!