Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where Sunrise and Sunset Come Too Late

Doing things differently from what you are accustomed to (for better or for worse), exchanging smiles with random strangers that look no way the same as your old-time people in your neighborhood, following rules and regulations too religiously that ought to be embedded in your system, as if an unquestioned norm, of course, minding to be always on the “right” side in public, which polarizes you entirely if you’re from the Philippines, and eating at a place offering a variety of not-too-familiar or novel cuisines becomes a “taste experiment” for a first-timer, which is actually either a love or a hate relationship and can have an absolute change of appetite for sure (I once ordered minced meat noodle. When served, I already knew it wasn’t just pork, and that made me less excited about my meal that day. I wasn't sure about eating the rest inside the bowl.) – all of these tick you off every time, as they become the average dosage to your regular day. Give yourself a week or two to get used to.

It has finally sunk in, that I am miles away from home since 9/11 and trying to digest all things new to me -- most things around me here are. Although adapting to this highly urbanized city is just easy, I cannot help but be in awe of its multi-ethnic population, shiny skyscrapers, crazy architectural designs, virtually pollution-free, immaculately clean environment, and the many birds (I still haven’t figured out their names) that are very tolerant of people or seem to be comfortable with their presence. Back in the Philippines, birds don’t go near to humans lest they be killed or on a starving note, be eaten. And talking about real independence, well, this might just be it. I am embracing both opportunities and uncertainties here. I am crossing my fingers that the universe will conspire in achieving my goals. The journey that brought me to this first world reality is a constant reminder that I am moving forward, that I am chasing my dreams or more so dreams that are yet undefined, unnumbered that would make my story here. With fervent prayers, hard work, and God's help in the equation, things are a possibility. God, you’re always beyond amazing.

So this is it, for crying out loud (no pun intended), I am automatically an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) trying to become a provider, at the same time, enjoying this beautiful city-state, where sunrise and sunset come too late. The sun breaks into morning light at around 6:30 A.M. and rests at 7:00 P.M. There are slight differences in what we call as day and night in reference to Philippine time despite being framed in the same time zone. Well, this is Singapore, the Lion City, just southwest of my home country.

Image: Choa Chu Kang, Singapore


  1. I miss reading your blog.

    And I appreciate this entry. Take good care of yourself in your new abode, the Lion City. God bless Joemill :)

  2. @Cindy: I think I missed a bunch in our community. I'll keep blogging though and I've just kicked-it off Cindy. :) Thank you so much! It means a lot to me. God bless you too Cindy! :)

  3. This comment is making me happy already. Thank you Joemill. Looking forward of your stories here. Amping!


  4. I'll just see you around. :) Thanks Cindy! Take care! :)

  5. Lucky, u did not mention my name when talking about birds. Hahaha...

  6. @Anonymmous: I'm here wondering the relationship between you and the birds?! My head is spinning. Ha ha! ;)