Monday, March 21, 2011

Losing Balance

Reflections always prove perfect when put in writing, and the now is just it. Right away.

I have been in constant search for what to do going forward. I have been away from home for more than half a year now, but I question what’s currently running in my life engine, and the next step is a blur. It’s quite a young time for me to be feeling this way, as the urgency of moving, up or down, whichever is lucrative, or simply finding my dancing feet is on the rise. Be it my day job, long-term goal, whatever that is, or just life itself succumbs me into deep thinking. Change please. I want to live with that change or its plurality, and it’s getting scarier everyday to just think of giving up on something further established, shaking up to its foundations to make way for a not so unfamiliar path that you have been shrugging off the whole years of your lifetime for a seeming bright future.

Oh, how the society can dictate one’s decision for a lifetime of unhappiness, a lesser term for misery, is corruption per se. They invade the natural flow of one’s mind in order to box you in the so-called natural world. You have to be this and that because the society towers over you and you better be good at what gives you all those laudations, comfort, sense of pride, and stability. Isn't it tiring to stress yourself beyond what should be your own life? Is this the life you have imagined since you have learned that personal dreams can navigate you to places? How can you neglect pursuing your personal happiness?

OK, you've been reading lots of you’s when it’s supposed to be a bunch of I’s. Anyway, I just need a breather to gradually filter out the sham intent from the very beginning. It has to be as transient as it should be as I’m nearing 30. It’s working for me now and sure keeps my personal balance, but for the love of what life should be, decisions have to be made and undaunted while sticking to my heart.

Photo source credit: Dreamstime


  1. Hang in there, life is tough and expect things to get tougher. But one thing's for sure, happiness is just lying around some corner. :)

  2. @peenkfrik: Thanks for the advice! :)I know there's so much to be grateful for around. :)