Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Green Roof at Marina Barrage

One of the recreational parks in Singapore of high regard is The Green Roof at Marina Barrage. Long before I went there, I only knew that that elevated, curved, green, perfect-for-kite-flying park as nothing but Marina Barrage, when in fact it’s just a small part of a bigger area. Many people go there on picnics with the city’s awesome skyline in the background. But more importantly, Marina Barrage serves as one of the reservoirs providing water supply to the city.

Singapore is such a beautiful thing -- it conscientiously attends to nature despite its obvious further modernity. I appreciate how the city maintains its greenness with all those densely forested areas, lush green parks, and gardens, typically defining the city’s landscape.

On a side note, if you’re traveling along the Expressway, central area, chances are you get to see monkeys in the trees. That’s not too Singapore if you think about it, my dear first-timer tourist.


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