Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second Sunshine and Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi as seen from Borobodur

Lunchtime came calling after leaving Borobudur. An hour later, at 12 noon, we’re already at the Padang eatery, where I had fried chicken, cucumber, and a local food that had familiar ingredients in it -- coconut milk, beans, and tofu. It was almost a Filipino dish except that it’s spicy. I’m sorry I forgot what it’s called (hands down, I’m not a foodie that I only eat whatever is palatable on the table). But one thing’s for sure, it tasted real good. Our lunch only cost us 23,000 rupiahs, including drinks.

my lunch! can someone tell me the name of this dish with beans?
We headed to Mount Merapi, the Fire Mountain, 30 minutes later. And just as when everything seemed OK, rain came pouring down – uninvited guests of our now flawed trip. Baim, my driver, asked me if I ever wanted to make a detour, since zero visibility was expected. But I opted to continue on the road, thinking I could still chance on seeing the volcano up close, regardless. 

Entrance ticket is 3000 rupiahs per person and 5,000 rupiahs for the parking fee. 

On our way to the base camp, man, I never thought it could be that foggy. I just rested my case, right off the bat. 

At the base camp, I just went wandering nearby; somehow hoping the fog would go away. But the rain still drizzled as hard-headed as they could be. With my hopes dashed, the trip just made me feel giddy (ha ha).

There was a deep ravine to the left of the foot of the volcano with dead trees, and volcanic ashes were everywhere, which probably resulted in the October/November eruptions in 2010. The eruptions took a toll on thousands of families. Over 300 people were found dead.

We left Mount Merapi at 1:27PM. I was obviously disappointed, yet the thought of being at the foot of an active volcano was already enough, calling it a wonderful experience. I had never been that close to a volcano all my life. :D

P.S. I was cheery upon witnessing the grandiosity of the smoking Mount Merapi from the top of Borobudur and Prambanan. Seeing a volcano was another first for me. :)


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