Sunday, September 30, 2012

Conflicts: Politics, Religion, and Relationship

Nothing can be well-explained when politics come into play, for it is colored in the worst kind of discrimination and subtly reserved for the players’ own interests that would become blatantly shameless. Disenchantment is upfront, compounded by the fact that can nevertheless be more right or truer in its sense as they sail their own boats only to defeat the others dirtily and to surface atop the rest, wrapping it with an overwhelming victory in their all-encompassing calculating minds so undeserved.

It is sadder upon the realization of their now bared textured souls, rich in cavities you wish to scrape away until they become spotless and pure, even if they have to bleed and it calls for your exhaustion.

For human spiritual needs, an open mind to accept that which satiates the soul in a moralizing tone freed of a heavy heart can be let enough than to debate and refute their truth against yours. When we do, violence is out there silently laughing, waiting to explode.

Violence only breeds another. It is an endless vicious cycle that is trapped and bottled unnecessarily in the name of defence as the oppressed or of offense as the deluded, yes, the often brainwashed. No one is above the other, no one can tell which the more absolute truth is, and no one is ever more powerful -- for we are all born equal, believing in the One with different names.

The reality of an individual is relative due to his/her circumstances and how he/she experiences life. Religion becomes part of life, a reality meant to be appreciated to make sense of our transient existence but never to cause harm on others, especially that the barbaric times had centuries-long been gone.

Innate human imperfections are precisely to be blamed. No one stands faultless succumbing to a fallibility, which may be grounds for the friction. We try to be logical, we dare to be called correct, we act to will it, only to cross past boiling point, thus, the clash.

A petty or a serious skirmish is but linear, it takes you to a dimension infinite and never ending. However, it takes a humble party to resolve it, just brave enough to talk it through and to ask for forgiveness, which will snowball into something far greater than any reward one could imagine.

From there, despite marked history, a relationship can still be perfected and not dead any more.

Image: Toa Payoh, Singapore

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