Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Thing About Those Little Things

Even if you have to metamorphose into something less human-like, you are important, just like the toiling Philippine carabao that ploughs the rice field under the peaking sun, mindless of time, and its shrinking energy denied of water and rest, or the diminutive ant that with its marching army scavenges for and carries crumbs heavier than its own body.

Even if you have to be oblivious to the fact you are a thinking being, you are important. No matter how menial a thing is, however reduced your cerebral capacity is, you are important, an integral part of a whole.

Even if those humongous, watchful eyes towering over you only see the superficial, the skin-deep, you are important, because you are that essential of a detail, that small mud-brick that composed of the colossal pyramid.

You little thing, you are important. Yes, you are. You are greater than all those above you combined. You are highly appreciated.

Image: MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore


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