Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Light in Darkness

I’m exactly neither the scaredy-cat type nor a daredevil, but when eerie stories are told, I couldn't help it but feel the creeps. I haven’t really seen real ghosts myself just yet, so I qualify myself as lucky and, matter-of-factly, hope not to see one - for that might change my balance and composure right off the bat, forever. Ha ha!

Getting scared probably stems from the thought of death. We fear death, and we abhor all that’s dark. Dark seems to be the word that we conveniently associate with death and its reason. And the more we permit ourselves be consumed by this noun or adjective, the more we fear death and the dead. How playful can the dark be? Do you fear death?

On a lighter note, I've read a line from a book sometime ago, it goes that the more you’re unprepared with your life, the more you fear death. I closed the 24th chapter of my life three weeks ago and right now am currently seeking the subsequent chapter. As my age reels in, I’m caught up with what you call as “cramming.” Twenty-five is never neat with literally nothing on hand. Finding a good drive to keep me at pace will have to be the task of my life. Conquer the fear of death!

Tomorrow is All Souls’ Day, the day of the dead. Let us commemorate in prayer our dear departed ones, and may we gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of life.

That's all for me now!

Image: Cebu City, Philippines


  1. i agree with your opinion about death, how most people feel and think about it.

  2. People fear death because they don't know what's there after it, parang at the same time, people also fear the unknown which is quite normal. Good points you stressed out in this post.

  3. I've thought of death so many times and many times I thought it was very near me and all those times I was wrong. We can never tell when this thing is gonna get us. All we need to do is live today and tomorrow will take care of itself!

    Happy Halloween! :D

  4. good post... do I fear death? I should say that I am more curious what's life after death if there is any, and at the same time worry about the people whom I would left behind... knock on wood naman

  5. good post. :):)

    i think all we have to do to overcome fear is that unless it is God, we gotta learn not fear on any kind of human being. :)

  6. I'm working my fear of death... every time I think I have it all together something happens that makes me question everything all over again. Like when my a friend's sister passed at 24... I remember deleting her cell phone number from my contacts thinking is that all? People mourn and miss you from time to time, but eventually just erase you and life goes on... odd. I'm working on it!!!!

  7. Amen to that!

    Thank you so much for casting your vote which led to Rylie's Victorious Smile.

  8. Hi Joemill,

    I love watching Mel and Joey or Magandang Gabi Bayan before that tells stories about ghosts. And it equally make my hair stand. But I cannot watch it alone, I have to watch it with my family.

    Yeah, being 25 is not a joke. You'll probably be seeking fulfillment in whatever field you are in. Hoping the best in you.

    God Bless,

  9. mas nakakatakot ang buhay kesa sa patay

    i have seen ghost
    you may want to read my old posts from May 2008

  10. like oddsand ends..
    I also love watching Mel and Joey, Magandang Gabi Bayan or any horror movies about ghosts.

    I was hospitalized before and had serious operation. if ever magkamali ng konti ang galaw ng doctor sa parte ng inooperahan sa malapit n parte ng spine at utak ko....tigok na ako... but di ko naranasang matakot mamatay kahit alam kong super complicated ng operation. I have strong faith in God.

  11. Oi late greetings.. happy birthday..hehehe

    I remembered in one of our catechism class where our sister told us that there was this one saint who slept in a coffin every night so that he will never sin because he is constantly reminded of death. Memento mori.

  12. "How playful can the dark be? Do you fear death?"

    darkness is relative..nothing is sure about is..except the absence of light,,,

    and im not afraid of death, being afraid of it only means freaking yourself out of something you haven't experiences yet..
    what scares me might be the act of dying,,,oh no..

  13. I think with every breath we take, we do so in order not to die. Everytime we eat, we try to conquer death. We run from things that are dangerous because everything about us resists death.

    As soon as we lose are angst, I think there's no reason to eat or breathe any more.

    The fear is a healthy thing, especially when we're not aware of it.


  14. It is rather interesting for me to read this article. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

  15. Death drives Most, if not all people, to paranoia.

    i do not know, but I myself am afraid of death.

    i haven't experienced any creepy things yet, or even just an encounter that would made me realize that i'm running out of time to finish the things i supposed to do.

    but let me just give you a thumb for writing this entry. wordy is the best criticism i could give but despite the words being mob, this is truly great!


  16. i agree with one of the comments that fear of death mostly stems from fear of the unknown or what is there after death.

    eversince i've come to realize what awaits me in the after life, i must say that death is no longer something fearful. in fact i relish the thought of it. what i'm more afraid tho is the thought that after i die, my body will be consumed by worms or maggots as it decays. hehe.

    kidding aside, what i fear more is for people who are unsure of what the after life holds for them.

    25. a quarter of century. that really is no joke.

  17. I agree that darkness is something alot of people shy away from, but people sometimes like to see the more pessimistic side. Darkness is where we all grow inside of our mothers, it is also where dreams are born.

  18. Hi Joemill-

    Dunno why, but don't think I've ever feared my own death. However, I'm often plagued with nightmares about the death of friends and sometimes family members. They usually pass away in their sleep - night time....

    Otherwise, I'm okay with the dark. When camping and running and other night exploring it's usually quiet and pleasant. The beach at night is the best!

    I've enjoyed your writings!

  19. halu joemill!! what school do you go to in cebu? how come i havent seen you around or bumped into you during my strolls in ayala? :D we should have met 4 years ago!

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  24. I may be the weird one, but I've never hated the darkness, I've always loved it. Oh not in a symbolic dark as in evil way, but just the inky blackness in which nothing exists but yourself and your thoughts. The light of the moon and stars is the only light I ever need, there's nothing more beautiful then a pitch black night, cold weather, and the starts and moon staring down at you from their places in the heavens.

    Nice blog, I think I'll follow your work.