Thursday, December 31, 2009

Defining the Year to Come

In a matter of hours, it will be a whole brand new year. As we bid goodbye to 2009, something at this moment is worth doing, asking myself the things I have learned this year, from the daily encounters with people, the variations of just everything around me and the opportunities seized and lost.

Allow me to be a bit of a nation observer. Countless events have transpired before my very eyes that it would be an impossibility to contain them in one vessel. We survived, we triumphed, we laughed, we cried, we mourned, we lost our heroes, only to find young inspiring ones stepping up to the unpaved path of helping those who need our little share, those who need our comfort and company in their darkest. On being an essential part of a whole, I have learned that there’s an even bigger responsibility of being socially aware of the issues so to address them yourself and take it to the proper forum benefitting not only our sometimes stinking ego but the common people. You don’t have dive into taking the issue to the streets, though. It’s best when you know instinctively what to do and which is right or wrong.

On the dreaded politics, we sometimes hate to resign to the fact that we could never find the “one,” perfect or close to that that doesn't keep conscience at bay. We couldn’t blame ourselves for that, for history per se is blameworthy. We had been fooled in the past. I had been fooled myself. So, please, please, please, whoever you will be after the elections, I hope you will not struggle with conscience, are a true pro-people and a leader.

Learning from the bigger picture of the nation is a delight.

Now on a more personal note, deeper in thought. Doubling the efforts for the demands at work, at my little space online, and for those I set for myself, would always be a crime if I would be defeated by myself. Phew, I have never been this busy since my graduation from the so-called education. And not everything was a breeze, but I sailed through, I came out a victor save all that’s connected to life where there is special love, because some days, I wonder in life. It’s complicated. :)

So as I jump up and move on to welcome 2010, I bring with me memories and lessons that defined the year that will come to pass. I am grateful for what I have become this year, and, bigger than my previous year’s game plan, with conviction, I am looking forward to reaching new heights, discovering new lands, new destinations, and, yes, stressing this to myself, keeping the flame burning.

Happy new year, everyone!


  1. i hope you get everything you want, and so much more!! happy new year ^_^

  2. Happy New Year Joemill.. all the best for you this 2010.. see you around.:) We miss you!

  3. Sending you all the love and peace from your fan in South Florida. I'm glad to have the good energy of your writing and thank you for being part of the change. xoxoxo

  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  5. We hope for good Joe, that is all we can do.

    Happy New Year.

    Renee xoxo

  6. Nice thoughts Joemill. Happy New Year! God Bless!

  7. Hi, Joemill!

    Wishing you all the best for this year 2010..

  8. Very nice, Joemill! Thanks for keeping up the blog for us!

  9. 1st time here, looking forward to your 1st 2010 post.