Saturday, December 11, 2010

Go Fly Kite (Uniquely Singapore)

We were strolling around Clarke Quay when we saw a multi-lighted debris spiraling down the ground. That easily magnetized our attention, drawing us closer to what had just fallen, a falling star it could be.

Following what seemed to be a falling star (nah, just exaggerating) led us to a feast of lights, buzzes, and science in Riverside Point, just right across Clarke Quay. On the ground and in the skyline, there were a number of modern kites called GFK kites (Go Fly Kite), which are motor-driven and remote-controlled. So enjoyable to watch were the flying machines we had to spend the rest of the hours that night watching such a great show. It made a great nightlife. There were kids, men, and women who comprised the group in the show.

The show was orchestrated and organized by the owner of Go Fly Kite, Mr. Michael Lim. This one-of-a-kind kite is his own innovation.

"The Show"

GFK kites
Mr. Michael Lim in action
IMAX charger. Laser lights. One cell batteries. Tool box. Transformer.
Remote control
Go Fly Kite shop


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