Saturday, November 26, 2011

Balloons Don't Fly Away All by Themselves

When you free someone close to you for reasons you have known all along spell of his/her happiness, you free a big part of yourself, if not the biggest you realize you could never keep until the very end. But it’s not a bad thing after all. You have simply removed yourself from a sea of uncertainty, false hopes, bitterness, and being unfair to yourself. And the grandest of things, is that you have just found the ticket to your salvation.

It’s not an easy personal decision, perhaps, but over the days, months, or years, the only choice there is, is to grow apart from each other, and as optimism does nothing but miracle, move on to where you should be – in a far better place where you could finally pick yourself up, despite having let go of what could be once a prized possession.

Yes, a possession that evaporated over time.

Just like the balloons that could never be yours forever to keep, and in ways ironic as they seem, you appreciate them more as they soar great distances away from you. Untie and see them fly away freely to reach their highest, than to be with you forever unhappy and dying bit by bit.

Image: National Museum of Singapore


  1. Beautiful post. Title pa lang, nindot na. :)

  2. Bai, nasa SG ka? may meet ang mga bloggers sa friday. konting salu-salo. madaming first time palang punta. sama ka! iwan ka mensahe sa blog. salamat!

  3. pre. sama ka... masaya yun panigurado, magkakakilalanlan mga bloggers sa sg.

    ngaps, ano contact number mo? may ym ka? pa add nalang ako sa twitter tapos DM mo dun yung contact details mo. thanks.

    bulakbolerosasg yung twitter id ko.


  4. @Anonymous: whoever you are, thanks. :) but i think you should have at least a name next time. hehe. :)