"I'm just a speck of dust in the universe, wandering around like a restless lamb in a thick spacesuit." - Joemill

Joemill Veloso Flordelis is a freelance photographer from Cebu City, Philippines. He knew he wanted to be a photographer when his shot of a sea of lofty cogon grasses at the back of their two-storey apartment, taken with a crude Nokia phone in 2007, had given him the much-needed a-ha moment. In 2011, fate afforded Joemill a second-hand Canon DSLR camera, which was then to him a luxury, from a housemate to pay for his daughter's tuition. From then on, Joemill's journey in photography has never stopped, being an unrelenting learner himself.

His work is represented exclusively by Getty Images, within the Moment collection. A few of his images have appeared in Lonely Planet, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel and Leisure, Vogue Italia's PhotoVogue, MSN, Buzzfeed, Getty Images Prestige, Philippine Airlines' Mabuhay Magazine, Cebu Pacific Air's Smile Magazine, and elsewhere.

Joemill is a registered Electronics Engineer in the Philippines, and has professional experiences in Singapore and the Philippines, particularly in Cebu and Laguna. He currently works as an Electrical Development Engineer for an international research and development company.

Every time he is home or in a long bus travel, Joemill enjoys writing about his nonsensical musings, meanderings, flash fiction, and poetry. He also devours classic novels and travel literature, much more when he met travel writer Paul Theroux on two occasions, in Singapore. On their second meet-up, Paul thought the name 'Joemill' was strange, hence the easy recall when Joemill asked, "How come you remember my name?" The giant remembered the poor shepherd's moniker, much to the latter's surprise and delight.

P.S. This blog, Drifting Soul is Written (then-named Brief Stories), was a national finalist for Best Personal Blog in the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards.


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